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e-Commerce and e-Business Services

ICBS provides a full suite of e-Commerce offerings.

We can develop a full blown e-Commerce enabled site with full credit card processing capabilities, secure transactions, shopping cart, customer registration etc.

For more information about website design considerations, please see: Professional Website Design

We can link your legacy databases to the internet so that transactions can be made seamlessly.

If you are a small business and do not want to go through the expense of maintaining your own e-commerce web site, we also offer our e-commerce malls where you can share in the cost with other businesses or organizations such as yours. The following are the malls you have access to:

bulletbestbiz-online.com - primary focus is on exceptional businesses. Qualification criteria applies.
bulletthebest-online.com - appropriate for businesses that provide products or services. Qualification criteria applies.
bulletspecialgifts.com - primary focus is on providing exclusive gifts and services for special occasions.
bullet GrandmasRemedies.com - sells high quality doctor formulated/recommended vitamins and herbal supplements

ICBS can tailor a program just for you. Please contact us.

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ICBS eCommerce Solutions


Design and develop a professional website for your business.


Develop and implement strategies to attract and retain customers.


Fully functional online store.


Complete order processing and tracking including electronic shopping cart.


Secure credit card processing.


Interactive features like guest book, customer feedback, discussion pages and chat lines.


Complete database integration if needed.


Friendly and interactive websites incorporating state-of-the-art technologies such as ASP, XML, Java, VBasic, VC++, Database Integration, and more.


Register domain name for your business, if needed (eg., www.yourcompany.com) or host your website on two of the most prestigious addresses on the internet:


Prompt updates to your website - so your website stays current.

Most Importantly: When you have a problem, you call us. Rather than getting the run around blaming others, we will investigate your problem and fix it or make recommendations as to how it can be corrected.

Ready for eCommerce?

Take this simple test:


Are you discouraged by the high cost from taking advantage of eCommerce?


Is your current website just a brochure rather than a powerful marketing medium for your products?


Is your website just sitting there and nobody ever come back?

If you answered yes to any questions above or are interested in making a change in your web strategy, please contact ICBS.




E-commerce isn't a rising tide. It's a tidal wave.

Bill Gates

Why ICBS for your eCommerce and eBusiness needs?

ICBS is an internationally respected authority on eCommerce. We are the developers of holistic-online.com, the award winning website that is now ranked as one of the top 5 websites for health - a website that is visited by thousands of people from around the world everyday, one of the most admired websites on the Internet today.

While developing this website and a companion eCommerce site, ICBS developed a variety of proprietary software products that revolutionized the way in which eCommerce is done on the web. You can see an example in www.connectingtouch.com

We provide the complete solution: shopping cart, order entry, order processing, secure handling of credit card information, and seamless integration of all functions in a completely automated system. Best of all, the software has gone through extensive testing in our flagship websites. And we do not use a product developed for someone else and try to "fit" it to your application. We develop the application for your needs. The software is optimized for your application; so it will run faster compared to general-purpose systems.

While transforming www.holisticonline.com to a website that is visited by thousands of visitors everyday from around the world, we have also learned a few techniques of marketing websites effectively. Other highly successful websites we have developed include:



We know about search engine positioning, promotional strategies that work, etc. So, we know how to take good care of you. 

We are not a company that just set up shop in the last few months like many of our competition are - we had been around for many years - one of the first companies that believed in the power of internet.

Need more convincing? How about this - ICBS was selected by Casper Weinberger (Chairman, Forbes Magazine) to appear in a special program about eCommerce in his TV program called World Business Review, seen by millions of viewers. And ICBS is one of the Best of Cleveland 2000.

So, quit procrastinating. Don't waste anymore time. Contact us right away.

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