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Holistic-online.com named the Best Website for Ayurveda by Psychology Today Magazine

In its April 2000 edition, Psychology Today, published by American Psychological Association, named Holistic-online.com the best website for self-study for Ayurveda and other complementary therapies. Psychology Today is a very prestigious magazine that is often used as a reference by many journalists and writers. We are humbled and pleased. Thank you Psychology Today!

iCBS Selected as the "Best of Cleveland Business"

A program sponsored by Cleveland 2000 and Case Western Reserve University Business School, selection in the "Best of Cleveland Business" entitles iCBS to get preferential promotion opportunities in Crain's Cleveland Business, Cleveland Plain Dealer and National Public Radio. Cleveland 2000 is the non-profit campaign to celebrate the new Millennium by promoting Cleveland-area businesses and sponsoring the CWRU small business Internet Study.We are humbled by this honor bestowed upon us.

ICBS, Inc. Selected To Appear In World Business Review

World Business Review is a program moderated by Casper Weinberger, Chairman of Forbes Magazine and is shown on CNBC, through satellite links to public TV, Universities worldwide and on international flights. The invitation to appear on the special show on e-commerce shows the growing worldwide acceptance of the capabilities of ICBS, Inc. We are humbled by this honor.

ICBS, Inc. Selected To Provide Turnkey Software and E-commerce Solutions to Viewpoint Corporation

ICBS, Inc. will be developing turnkey software to program personal display devices being developed by Viewpoint Corporation. We will also develop and maintain a fully automated e-commerce site that will have capability to receive order, and to ship it as well as a variety of management reports to manage the marketing. Viewpoint Corporation has a revolutionary product that is being developed in Germany. The product will be manufactured overseas. But all the support services will be provided by ICBS, Inc. from the United States.

ICBS, Inc. Unveils New Website to Make The Transition to E-Commerce Easier For Businesses of All Sizes

Recognizing the need for the small businesses to take advantage of e-commerce, ICBS, Inc. has now unveiled a website called:


that will provide all the bells and whistles required for e-commerce at an affordable cost. We have leveraged the software we have developed in building our award-winning site holistic-online.com into this project. Please contact us if you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Complements Pouring In From Around The World on ICBS, Inc. Developed Website Holistic-online.com

HOL-test4-logo4-2.GIF (4528 bytes)

Unsolicited testimonials are pouring in from around the world. Our e-mail is bulging at the seams! Holistic-online.com incorporates several proprietary software developed by ICBS, Inc. You can search through an herbal database with more than 2000 entries, a complete nutrition database that has more than 4000 entries and a provider database that covers the entire United States by state, zip-code or by specialty. Holistic-online.com is one of the largest and most comprehensive websites of its kind on the internet.

Dr. Mathew, President of iCBS, featured in November 5, 1999 issue of Akron Beacon Journal

November 5, 1999 issue of Akron Beacon Journal had a picture of Dr. Jacob Mathew as part of a story on the Trade Conference sponsored by Akron Regional Development Board and Greater Akron Export Council. Dr. Mathew is the Vice Chairman of the GAEC. The conference and an export show attracted about 200 to 300 attendees and included a delegation from Germany.

ICBS, Inc. Sponsors Michigan Youth Cultural Program

ICBS, Inc. is proud to sponsor a cultural program organized by the St. Thomas Orthodox Church Youth in Detroit, Michigan. ICBS, Inc. sponsorship of this program means that the entire collection from the event will go to charity. The group has selected Sisters of Charity Mission founded by Mother Theresa and International Red Cross for its Kosovo Relief Program as beneficiaries of this charity program. In these days, when the whole world is grappling with the violence in schools and problems of juveniles, it is very gratifying to see that the youth in Michigan are directing their energy into a very worthwhile cause. And ICBS, Inc. and Holistic-online.com are very happy to make this possible.

ICBS, Inc. is Now An Ameritech Enterprise Solution Provider

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ICBS, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are selected as an Ameritech Enterprise Solution Provider. Ameritech has performed extensive evaluation of the capabilities, customers, and resources of ICBS, Inc. before authorizing us to become an Ameritech ESP.

As an Ameritech Enterprise Solution Provider, ICBS can now offer our customers total communications solutions including leading-edge communications products and services. ICBS can be your end-to-end supplier, delivering not only hardware and software, but complete IT solutions. From network connections, ISDN and digital lines to Internet access and customer-premises equipment, ICBS can provide it all. And you will still get the friendly, reliable, personal service you have come to expect from ICBS, Inc. For more details about the Ameritech ESP program click here.

ICBS, Inc. is now a Member of Greater Cleveland Growth Association, Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), North East Ohio Software Association (NEOSA), Akron Regional Development Board (ARDB) and Hudson Chamber of Commerce.

Greater Cleveland Growth Association is said to be the largest chamber of commerce in the United States and probably in the world with more than 16,000 members. We expect to play a leading role in these associations.

ICBS, Inc. Exhibits at the 8th International Trade Conference in Akron, Ohio

The topic of this years conference was, "Meeting Today's Global Challenges." The conference and the exhibit attracted a number of executives and those involved in global trade. ICBS, Inc. has exhibited its unique software capabilites, HolisticOnLine website for Health Information and introduced our new service, "Ultimate Vacations". We had received many complements from our visitors. Thank you all.

HolisticOnLine Adds  to Its Existing Impressive Content!

We are extremely humbled by the complements pouring from around the globe about our Health Information web site Holistic-online.com. It has become the destination site for health information for many. We are also constantly being asked to add new content. We are doing this, without compromising the site's mission: to provide the most comprehensive information on health information on the internet. With more than 1500 pages, we are fast approaching that mission. Thank you all. If you have not yet visited us yet, please do so by clicking the link here.







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