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In addition to developing websites for our customers (Please see the links for a list), we have also developed and own several award winning websites.


All the choices for your health, naturally.

Holisticonline.com is undoubtedly the best website for integrative medicine. It gives objective, comprehensive information about all choices for your health. It is one of the most admired websites for health (With over 50,000 pages, it is also one of the largest!) and is ranked as one of the top 5 web sites for health. Psychology Today has ranked it #1 for Ayurveda and for other alternative therapies. At present, it receives over 4 million hits/month from over 170 countries in all continents. The site is completely developed and owned by ICBS with assistance from a team of experts from around the world.


Nutrition for the mind. body, and Spirit

1stholistic.com is a sister website of holisticonline.com. It has the online magazine called Holistic Living with inspirational and educational information. With full information on nutrition for the mind, body, and soul, the website has full nutrition information augmented by information on meditation, prayer and spiritual healing, yoga, and healthy recipes. The entire nutrition database is accessible from here with easy searching options.

Preferred Provider Directory

Preferred Provider Directory

One of the big problem facing consumers is to find qualified practitioners near their home. ICBS, Inc. has developed Preferred Provider Directory to meet that demand. It is a directory that is very selective in listing practitioners; every request is evaluated manually. For the user, it is very easy to use. They can search by location, and specialty for a listing of practitioners from the directory.

Business Resource Center

Business Resource Center

This is our latest product offering. It is developed as a portal, especially targeted at small business professionals to provide them with all what they are looking for in one place. As in our other award winning products, our objective is to provide comprehensive information on a wide variety of points of view and subjects.

Another one of our new products that is still being developed.

Other Products:




We own over 25 premium domain names.


Excellent site!! One of the Best on the Web.
11/29/00 Guestbook

I am very impressed on how well this was put together.
5/11/99 Guestbook

I'm very impressed! I am a mental health therapist with additional certification in interactive guided imagery. Your site has more detailed, up-to-date information about guided imagery and related topics than any other I have found. I will be letting others know about your site ... great source of knowledgeable information about healthy living without a lot of hype and advertising.
11/22/99 Guestbook

This is the most wonderful, helpful and informative health site that I have found to date. I will be back, and often!
1/7/00 Guestbook

Thank you for this wonderful resource!!

The most informative site that i have ever seen and i have been looking for a while. Thank You!!!
11/2/00 Guestbook


This is a great site!! I go on it all the time and it is fantastic!! Keep up the good work!!!!!
12/4/00 Guestbook

I came upon your site in the darkest of night. I was looking for something. I have become so overwhelmed. I say your prayers that are listed. I read several and it made me feel better. I just got down on my knees and said my own prayer for guidance. My Mother is ill and she is having some tests done tomorrow for her colon. She has been very ill and I am worried about the outcome of the tests. She already has lots of health problems and I am very afraid of losing her. She is my Mother and my Best Friend. I actually felt better after going through your site. I am going to turn my worry over to GOD because after all he is the only one who knows his plan. Thank you to all the people who have submitted these beautiful prayers and thank you to those who created this site. Blessings to all.
Stacey Nix

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