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Given below are few testimonials from our customers as well as visitors to the websites we have created.

Testimonials from Customers

Testimonials from Visitors to Websites designed by ICBS, Inc.

Testimonials From Customers:

In 1995 when I opened Connecting Touch Therapy & Wellness Center, Inc., I knew very little about running a company and even less about web sites and using the Internet to promote my business. After going through 2 very unsuccessful attempts by 2 different companies, I was ready to give up on the idea of having a professional and productive web site when I met Jacob Mathew of ICBS. He worked wonders with my web site and restored my confidence in using my web site to promote my business. In the last 4 years since he has taken over our web site, our business has grown by over 20% each year, we have over 6300 clients and sell products throughout the United States. I consider the web site an integral part of our overall growth plan and commend Dr. Mathew for his outstanding work on creating and hosting an excellent web site. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Mathew’s ability to continue updating and using the Internet to promote Connecting Touch Therapy and sell our products nation-wide as well as worldwide. I feel that we have just scratched the surface of the potential of the Internet for our business growth and I am very much excited about the future. 

Jack Hayes
Connecting Touch Therapy & Wellness Center, Inc.
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA

I have great pleasure to place on record our deep appreciation of the services of the International Cyber Business Services Inc. (ICBS). The ICBS has been hosting and maintaining the websites/home pages of the Union Christian College Aluva since 1996. In 2000 when I took over the Principalship of Mar Thoma College for Women, Perumbavoor after my tenure of Principalship during 1995-2000 in Union Christian College, I did not have to think twice to choose the service provider for the website/home page of the new college. Right from the opening of the website to the current status in both the websites, the sole responsibility has been with the ICBS.

Dr. Jacob Mathew, the President of ICBS takes personal interest in the lay out, content, functioning, follow up and all related services of the site. The ICBS zealously keep updating the home pages as is evident from the responses we receive from our alumni and friends who have visited the sites.

Let me use this opportunity to recommend ICBS to anyone who is looking seriously into developing a presence on the internet.

Dr. Rajan Varughese
Principal, Mar Thoma College for Women, Perumbavoor
(former Principal, Union Christian College, Aluva)
Kerala, India

"ICBS is a wonderful resource for businesses and individuals who need professional web development and related services. I am 'technically challenged,' to say the least, so I approached my project with some trepidation, but Jacob Mathew and his staff made everything easy for me to understand, and I was very pleased with the results. ICBS is a class act all the way!"

Kathy Baker
President, Write Choice
Kent, Ohio, USA

Testimonials from Visitors to Websites designed by ICBS, Inc.

The following testimonials are from the postings on the Guest Book of Holisticonline.com, the award winning website developed by ICBS:

Thank you for such a wonderful website.
Israel, 1/5/2003

OMG, this site rocks! So much valuable information in one place!
Arizona, USA, 12/31/2002

Terrific website...great information...easy to use...I am SOOOO glad that I ran into you today...you are now listed under my favorites and plan to visit on a regular basis!! Keep up the good work, and I will be passing this address around!! 
Hunter, Kansas, USA, 1/14/2003

This is the most detailed, informative, and effective site I have ever been to! Thank you so much! 
Veronica, Texas, USA.

One of the best alternative medicine sites I have come across Keep it up! 
Later Jesse, New South Wales, Australia 

You guys do an AMAZING job! This is by far the best site I ever seen on holistic health! I am so impressed. The content is very detailed, clear, plain language but with plenty of info for people like me who like to know. This is a huge piece of work! No other site I know is showing both conventional and alternative treatments and include spirituality as part of health. You really know what holistic means! Bravo and keep up the excellent work. 
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Excellent site...as a holistic practitioner I can appreciate the tremendous amount of information you are providing. Thank you for this wonderful well-spring that I can send my clients to.......

This site is really awesome, I have only discovered it recently but it is so useful :-) thanks a lot.
Dave, Britain (UK)

Brilliant site, easy to use and very informative.

I really love this site. Everything is very well organized, informative and well written.
Texas, USA 

Wow, what a God send. I am studying Holistic Therapies and this page has been my savior on so many occasions when doing my assignments - Thank you!! It is also my most visited site, it just contains so much interesting and relevant information, the best I've found on the web.
Somerset, UK 

Your website is very beneficial. It is easy to find information on various topics and the
organization is impressive. Kudos to you!
Indiana, United States 

This is by far the BEST resource I have seen yet! I have been looking for this information for quite a while. I am very impressed, I intend to pass this information along. Thank you kindly,
Sue Vadeboncoeur, ILLINOIS, USA 

Awesome site. Helped me a lot.

Thank you for this wonderful website. It is full of bright and useful ideas... and lots of very educational information... congratulations.
NSW, Australia 

What a site! I have been a diabetic for more than 38 years and have had repeated problems with what has been described as 'brittle diabetes' i.e. when the blood sugar level, for no apparent reason shoots sky high-readings of more than 20 are not uncommon. I do not, and had not at these times changed my fairly well-regulated diet and work routine, yet was left with a very high blood sugar level that only very high doses of insulin were able to bring down after several days (while eating nothing) I have now tried some of the suggestions including an increase in the onion/garlic intake (not difficult here in Spain) and had some blueberry leaves sent over from Washington state. The results have been remarkable. Not once in three months has my blood sugar risen other than marginally, I have experienced a few indications of hypoglycaemic attacks, but these were easily rectified. I am now on one third less insulin each day, and my control is good. Thank you for such a wonderful site and for the difference you have made to my life 
Bob Fretwell, El Burho, Malaga, Spain 

I am so impressed. This is the most comprehensive website I have found for alternative medicine. Everything is here!! Thank you for sharing your vision. :)
Washington, USA 

Thank you for your time and efforts with putting together such a comprehensive site. Your information on Ayurveda is detailed and user friendly.

Great site, loved the design.
London, UK 

WOW - what a wonderfully informative site! My compliments to you.
Florida, USA 

I would just like to say a big thank you to you, I am a psychiatric nurse who as you know is fighting the NHS to introduce alternative therapy I have printed so many of your pages for the benefit of my patients, with out this web page i would be lost.... 
Joanne, England 

This is one of the most informative, non-biased, and holistically spiritual websites I have viewed regarding Ayurvedic medicine. Education is power. Thank you, C. Hart, Ph.D., Florida, USA 

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