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ICBS provides professional web design services focused on exceeding our clients' satisfaction.

From simple website design, to elaborate e-commerce storefronts, web hosting, and maintenance, we provide companies, large and small, around the world, a one-stop source to establish and enhance their corporate branding, customer relationship management, and corporate identities.

You do not want to be concerned with the details of developing and maintaining your web presence. You want a professional to do it all - design, updates, enhancements, and hosting. You want your website to be available to the customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When there is a problem, you want one person to call. Now you can have it all with one call to ICBS.

ICBS Presents .. GrandmasRemedies.com

Our customers have repeatedly told us that they want a source to buy quality, safe vitamins and dietary supplements. Most of the items there have dangerous ingredients or lacking in key ingredients. GrandmasRemedies.com only sells top of the line vitamins and dietary supplements. These are brands doctors use and they recommend to their patients.

SpecialGifts.com Was Featured in National TV Show

"Living in Style", a television series that offer viewers uncommon insight into a wide variety of topics, has featured SpecialGifts.com in their prestigious Gift Guide.

Living in Style provides the means for viewer education on a nation wide scale. The award winning producers of the show are committed to making available to the viewers sufficient information to help them make educated choices in their lives and careers. The annual Gift Guide will feature an array of special gifts for that special someone.

It is interesting that when the producers of the Living in Style were searching for an ideal candidate to be featured on this prestigious show, the first name that came into their radar screen was SpecialGifts.com with its unique products that impact the mind, body, and the spirit. The products range from high quality, pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements that are available only through doctors, to genuine Mikimoto quality Akoya pearl necklaces, to genuine original oil and water color paintings, and rare collector grade loose genuine gemstones.

For SpecialGifts.com, this was an unprecedented opportunity. The show was estimated to reach over 70 million viewers at the prime gift giving time. We are humbled by the fact that in less than 2 years, we have taken up the top marquee spot in a very competitive category. We also have regular customers in as far away places as Japan, Australia, Germany, Slovak Republic, etc. SpecialGifts.com has been proud to be of assistance to our military forces that serve our country in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world by providing a means for them to send gifts to their loved ones.

When an officer in US Navy serving in an aircraft carrier wanted to send a unique gift to his fiance in Japan for her birthday, he has contacted SpecialGifts.com who has completed the task to his great satisfaction. When a person in UK wanted to send a Valentine's day gift to his sweetheart in Detroit, MI, his first choice was SpecialGifts.com. When a professor in Poland wanted to buy something unique to give to his wife, his first choice was SpecialGifts.com. At SpecialGifts.com, we are proud to make dreams happen.

At SpecialGifts.com, we are changing the way America (and the rest of the world) shop for their gifts.

And once again, ICBS proves that we know something about developing effective websites that gets attention and results.

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"After going through 2 very unsuccessful attempts by 2 different companies, I was ready to give up on the idea of having a professional and productive web site when I met Jacob Mathew of ICBS. He worked wonders with my web site and restored my confidence in using my web site to promote my business. In the last 4 years since he has taken over our web site, our business has grown by over 20% each year, we have over 6300 clients and sell products throughout the United States. I consider the web site an integral part of our overall growth plan and commend Dr. Mathew for his outstanding work on creating and hosting an excellent web site."

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